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Espresso Diavolo

Caffé Diavolo for sophisticated connoisseurs

Only hand-picked, fine coffee varieties from selected plantations create the basis for our sophisticated Caffé Diavolo. The finely-tuned, intensively tried and tested blend is made up of 90% arabica and 10 % robusta beans. The typically mild melange of the sophisticated arabica, bolstered by the powerful characteristic style of the robusta, create a distinctive blend with that unmistakeable Diavolo taste.

Caffé Diavolo yields an intense and long-lasting aroma with chocolate and caramel notes. The espresso is characterised by a velvety soft and simultaneously strong, balanced and harmonious flavour. Traditionally brewed, using a classic filter, or prepared in a coffee machine, the slowly emerging crema magics up a fine-pored, dense, hazelnut brown structure on the surface, as the coffee develops its full aroma.

Caffé Diavolo, the temptingly fragrant premium pleasure for lovers of espresso and cappuccino.

Espresso Diavolo
Diavolo Händler
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